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A Story about Two KitesA Story of Two SitesA Story of Two Sights …. a Tale of WoeA Terribly Tall Tale of Two CriticsA Saga of Two Cities….

A Tale of Two Cities…

An incredible story of about France and England… about Paris and London…

It was the best day, but the night was dark and stormy, greatest of times, it was the nastiest worst of times, it was an the age of innocence, but also of great wisdom mixed with a little skepticism and certainly a lot of, it was the age of stupidity foolishness, it was the era epoch without rain during the day, but it rained a lot at night… of skepticism, mixed with a bit of belief, but certainly a lot of incredulity, it was the epoch of insight incredulity, it was the parsley of Night… the sage of Light… the seasoning of Light, but, on the other hand, it was also the seasoning of Darkness, it was the summer of Woodstock… the summer of anticipation… the spring of anticipation  the spring of hope, it was the fall of desperation… the autumn of desperation… the winter of anguish… winter of dispare…dispire despair… we had everything done for us…. we had everything for us before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going directly to Disney World… direct to Disney… direct to Heaven, we were all going to walk down, down down that long hot spiral of flames, going the other way….

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