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Without a Trace

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Without a Trace


Greg Aunapu and Susan Billig

What an emotionally draining book. On March 5, 1974 Susan Billig's daughter, Amy, disappeared. It just so happened that at the time of her disappearance a motorcycle club made it's way through town. Thus begins Susan's search for her daughter. And what a search! The book is so well written that you aren't just a reader but also a part of the searching party or, dare I say it,  almost a member of the family. Susan's ups become ours as well as her downs (and unfortunately there are many). Not only do you end up caring about the Billigs but you also are wondering about what possesses people to act and do the things they do (I read a lot of crime and I still haven't figured that one out yet). I'm not talking only about the ones who committed the crime but also the persons who, for reasons known only to themselves, led Susan on a wild goose chase. The Billig story has been covered on TV and newspapers for full and heartbreaking details read "Without a Trace.” A very good crime book. Recommended. without-trace "A great story of a mother searching for justice, answers and closure."  – Aphrodite Jones, author of The Embrace. "Captures Susan Billig's compelling voice and heroic search for truth in one of Miami's most agonizing mysteries."   — Arthur Jay Harris, author of Speed Kills. "This book will blow you away."  – Edna Buchanan, author of The Corpse had a Familiar Face.

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