Greg Aunapu


Greg Aunapu

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Acquisition Interests:

Non-Fiction: Finance & Business, Biography, History, Narrative, Memoir, True-Crime, Adventure, True Stories, Current Affairs, Technology, Pop Culture, Psychology, How-To, Self-Help, Science, Travel, Pets/Animals, Relationships, Parenting.

Fiction: Commercial Fiction, Historical, Thrillers/Suspense, Mystery, Detective, Adventure  Not accepting Science-Fiction / Fantasy at this time, or anything with vampires.  * Please take note:  I am sorry to say that in order to serve my current clients to the best of my abilities, I am not a great market for debut fiction writers right now, and am unable to take on many new fiction projects at all.  Send me only your very best, freshest fiction queries. 

Before joining the Salkind Agency, I was a freelance journalist for Time magazine and many other major publications.  I am writer/co-author of three non-fiction books, once ran a successful book-editing service and have helped or inspired a number of writers to become published authors. As a former student of several literary greats, including John Knowles (author of A Separate Peace) and L. Rust Hills (famed Esquire fiction editor) amongst others, combined with my background in journalism, I am interested in both fiction and nonfiction.

Book Preferences:
I love a good thriller or mystery, and fiction that reads like fact and fact that reads like fiction:

By that, I mean novels that read more like real life, such as The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Bel Canto by Ann Patchett; and nonfiction where the story is as gripping as a novel, like Ballad of the Whiskey Robber by Julian Rubinstein or The Bounty by Caroline Alexander.  It doesn't mean fiction that is meandering and plotless. I want to see material with original thought, about intriguing characters, in remarkable situations.    (Please see more about my fiction and non-fiction interests on my Submission Guidelines page.)


While I can  be lured in by lush, poetic writing of masters such as Marquez and Kundera, I usually prefer clear, straightforward prose about interesting characters in life-altering situations.  I would rather read something a bit more raw and visceral, written by someone with an intriguing world-view, than fragile precious prose.  

Nonfiction works I have been absorbed by include FreakonomicsGuns, Germs and Steel; and The Tipping Point, which illuminate the reasons why the world works like it does.

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