DEAR AUTHORS — I specialize in NON-FICTION and am sorry to say that I am currently not taking on any new FICTION PROJECTS.

Non-fiction:  I represent a variety of categories.  Most authors are going to need a strong platform in the category in which they are submitting. So, if you are a captain of industry, I can probably sell your leadership book, but probably not your book on how to re-invent education.  If you are a known chef, I can probably sell your cookbook, but not your book on dancing  — I think you get my drift.

Sorry, the Spammers have won!  As I am up to about 3500 spams a week, about 50% of which leak through my filters, I must post this form.   Your query will come directly to me.

If you are submitting material, it is very important that you read my submission guidelines first:


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