Writing your book wasn’t easy! You sat at the keyboard day after day and “opened a vein.”


You’d think that would be enough… But no, now you need a literary agent!

Writer’s Digest Interview with Greg Aunapu

This is an interview with Greg Aunapu of the Salkind LiteraryAgency (part of Studio B). Before he became an agent, he was a freelance journalist for TIME magazine and many other major publications. He is the writer/co-author of three non-fiction books and once ran a successful book-editing service that allowed him to help a number of writers become published authors.

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Excerpt from WD interview:

Besides “good writing and voice,” what are you looking for right now and not getting? What do you pray for when tackling the slush pile?

For both fiction and non-fiction: riveting subject matter, written with authority. By that, I mean that the author is able to communicate an intimate knowledge of the topic and takes command from the first sentence. I want to feel like I’ve parachuted into their world and their world-view from the first paragraph and can’t help but continue reading.

What do you see people doing wrong with non-fiction proposals that reach you? 

The major problem is a lack of platform, writing about a subject for which the prospective author does not seem to be an ideal choice.  A strong platform means you have probably appeared in the media, been interviewed in magazines and newspapers, have published widely, and are an expert in the area about which you are writing. If what you are saying is relevant enough to the public debate, you will grow a following. But just having a bunch of Facebook friends and Twitter followers does not qualify as a platform.

Some recent titles, including books by two Pulitzer Prize winning journalists (one an Edgar nominee), International Latino Book Award winners, noted CIA officers and esteemed  historians. 

What I Like!

I like mysteries, thrillers, suspense and commercial fiction with strong narratives, containing original thought, about intriguing characters in remarkable situations.   The same for non-fiction! Strong stories about remarkable people and concepts.

Please see more about my fiction and non-fiction interests on my Submit a Query page.

What our clients say

We love seeing them published!

“Greg’s expertise, experience as a writer, his hard work, and above all his patience were both the keys to selling this book and keeping the author’s sanity more or less intact.”

Mark B. Shrager|The Great Sweepstakes of 1877

“[Greg’s] enthusiastic review and generous feedback were greatly appreciated, and I will forever remember when he said, ‘It’s a real honor to have one’s career monumentalized as a book.'”

Alan B. Trabue| A Life of Lies and Spies